Common myths about infertility  !!

  • Fertility is always related to women/ fertility is woman issue.
  • Women can’t get pregnant after 35 years 0f age.
  • Age only affects women fertility not men.
  • If you just relax more you will get pregnant.
  • Infertility is incurable.
  • Once a couple adopts a child, the woman will become pregnant.
  • Couple should try to conceive for at least one full year before seeing a physician.

common mistakes ……!……?

  • Indulging in too much sex. Too much sex can decrease your man’s sperm count, which can then take a few days to rebound . once you get your ovulation timing down, recommends having sex every other day, instead of every day, during your fertile window.
  • Hanging onto unhealthy habits ( lifestyle factors).
  • Waiting too long to see a specialist.
  • Assuming the problem is with you.
  • Having a sex only the day of ovulation.
  • Refusal to consider alternative treatment option.

 Risk factors,,,,,,,,,

  • Age 
  • Long term / intensive exposure to certain types of chemicals or medications.
  • Smoking 
  • Obesity
  • Alcohol
  • Life style factors

More than 90% of male infertility cases are due to low sperm counts, poor sperm quality or both.

Treatment guidelines.

  • Our doctor will council first, try to identify the cause and other psychological factors may be treated accordingly.
  • Before planning treatment the underlying cause of the disease will be analyzed for better result/control of the conditions.
  • Panchakarma purification treatments are very much beneficial.
  • At mayukha Ayurveda Rasayana and vajikarana treatment are done based on prakrithi of the individual.

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