1. Ayurveda defines health is a state of balance among mind,body and soul.
  2. Health consists of a balanced state of the three doshas, the seven dhathus, three malasand the gastric fire, together with the clarity and balance of the senses, mind and spirit.
  3. Immunity is the condition of being able to resist a particular disease especially through preventing development of a pathogenic microorganisms or by counter acting the effects of its products
  4. In simple body’s defence against infections.

How does immune system work?

When the body senses foreign substances ( called antigens) the immune system works to recognize the antigens (produces antibody) and get rid of them.


  •  The master key to remaining healthy is awareness
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Cook meats thoroughly 
  • Minimise consumption of red and processed meat 
  • Don’t smoke 
  • Quit alcohol
  • Avoid saturated fats and sugars
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a HEALTHY WEIGHT 
  • Control your blood pressure
  • Say bye to carbonated drinks, ready to eat food, junk food, canned food
  • Sleep sufficiently 
  1. New  born 16-18 hours 
  2. Pre schooler 11-12 hours
  3. Teens 9-10 hours
  4. Adults minimum 7 hours
  • Develop a positive attitude

Ayurveda and immunity

  • Vyadhikshamathva is an ayurvedic term for natural and acquired immunity
  • Ayurveda has described some simple yet powerful tools for optimizing adaptive immunity that can be applied throughout  all the stages of life from conception to old age ‘
  • Healthy digestion reflects a healthy mind and body and helps to build greater resilience and strong immunity.
  • Ayurvedic medicine system beautifully explained many factors that can weaken our digestive system.
  • According to Ayurveda, A balanced diet is a major pillar of our health.
  • It also explains food according to individual body constitution, according to place, according to season etc
  • According to disease patha and apathya (do’s and don’t) also explained
  • The timing, quantity, and quality of our food determines our capacity for building immunity and resilience of our body and soul

This is regarded as the classic ayurvedic detox treatment. The aim is to ensures that the organisms vital energies can flow freely again. 

Panchakarma ensure that foreign toxins and pathogens are eliminated from the body, panchakarma restores the doshas to their natural equilibrium.

The concept of detoxification treatment is as simple as servicing the vehicle regularly to increase its working capacity and life 

Nature created human body is an amazing machine, if you service the body with panchakarma treatments regularly it enhances the beauty, increases the span of life, working ability of organs, most important it helps to build good immunity.

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